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MD102-C Magnetic Vehicle Detection Kit

Prevent your automatic bollards accidentally rising beneath your vehicle by installing the next-generation vehicle detection system. This system can also be used to open or close your bollards when a vehicle passes over the loop. 

The MD102 Probe can be buried in the road surface underneath the vehicle, alongside the vehicle, or can be mounted above the ground next to the passage of the vehicle, while the MD102C Control Unit enables the configuration and testing of the MD102 Probe. 
  • Supplied as a complete ready to install vehicle detection system.
  • 15mtrs of cable pre-attached to the probe.
  • Super easy to install – no more cutting in of induction loops.
  • Install the probe underground or on a post next to your driveway.
  • Simply connect the probe cable to the control unit terminals.
  • 12/24Vdc Power input.
  • MD102C 12 Control Unit - 24VAC/DC 50/60Hz 30mA
  • Manufactured by Procon Electronics.
  • Quality brand, guaranteed reliability.
  • Can be used for presence and pulse.


MD102Probe Manual

MD102 & MD102C Probe/Control Unit Manual