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Installation is offered as a service option with every bollard or barrier. Simply 'Add Installation' when choosing your options and leave the rest to us. Your installation operative will be in touch within 48 hours

We cover most parts of the UK mainland as shown on our installation information page.

See the areas we cover

The installation price includes all travel, labour, and materials required to complete your installation.

Unfortunately not. To be able to utilise our installation service and benefit from our installation rates, we will only install products that have been ordered directly from within our product range.

Yes we do. Multiple installations of the same product at the same location will qualify for a discount based on the quantity of installations you plan to order. Discounts of up to 10% are shown with each product for installations of 3 or more.

Your installer will contact you within 48 hours of your order to introduce themselves and will ask that you contact them when you have received your bollard(s). They will then confirm a suitable installation date with you. If you are busy when they call, they will leave you a voicemail or send you a text to call them back.

Each product will show an estimated installation deadline, which is a maximum 21 days from the time of your order. This is purely an estimated guide, as your installer will be looking to install your products as soon as you receive them and long before the 21 day deadline.

The person responsible for the order or a designated representative must be on site when your installation team arrive on site. Your team will expect them to show where you want your product(s) fitted and they will be asked to complete and sign off the work and accept the keys to your product(s).

If you need to be somewhere else during the work and have to leave, we would ask that you communicate this with the team before you leave.

We can not guarantee any specific date. However, it does not hurt to ask your operative when they contact you.

As standard, products ordered with 'Supply & Install' are delivered to the delivery address provided before the date of your installation. The availability and expected delivery time will be detailed with the product.

Yes you can, but you would need to contact us before placing an order as there would be an extra charge of £25. Otherwise your product(s) will be delivered to your address before the date of your installation.

Absolutely. If you find someone else to do the installation or you feel you can do the work yourself, then of course you can have a full refund of the installation rates you have paid. We only ask that you give our teams at least 7 days notice to avoid them losing a days work.

Our installation service most of the UK mainland but we do not install everywhere. To confirm your area is covered, a postcode map showing the areas we cover can be viewed on our installation information page.

As a rule no, our operatives do not carry out installations during the weekend or on Bank Holidays, although it does not hurt to ask your operative when they contact you. Bear in mind that there would be an extra charge if they can accomodate your request.

All of our installation teams are fully insured with a liability of up to £5m. This insurance covers all ground works down to a depth of 1.5 mtrs.

Every installation is guaranteed not to fail for a period of 12 months. This guarantee also applies to the surface reinstatement undertaken on your property.

Yes they will, removal of the excavated spoil is included within the installation charge and disposed of at our own waste facility.

On every deep ground excavation, we always carry out a visual check on site, along with a CAT scan to detect any underground services. This scan is included within the installation charge, and is one of the most important safety aspects of our work.

Yes they are, all of the materials are included within the installation charge. You don't need to provide anything.

Yes they will, all of our installation teams are fully equipped and will provide their own water and electricity to complete the work.

If we detect any underground services that prevent us from carrying out any deep ground excavation, and the installation team have exhausted every effort to find a solution, and you wanted to cancel your order without having an alternative product, an aborted installation charge of £65 + vat would apply for what we call a 'no fault' aborted site visit.

Should this ever happen, and the team have exhausted every effort, we would offer you an alternative solution which you do not have to accept. Alternatively you can simply cancel your order and have a full refund, less the £65 + vat 'no fault' aborted site fee.

Yes there is. We would advise that you tell your installation team when they contact you, as it will all depend on the type of removal. Any extra charge can then be discussed and agreed in writing before your team arrive on site.

Yes you can. Your installation team will carry all of the necessary fixings for the surface you have.

This will vary from job to job and will depend on the type of material on the site. Under normal circumstances, a  telescopic bollard would be installed within 1 hour.
Heavy duty 'JUMBO' bollards can take longer, due to the larger specifications of the bollards and subsequent installation depth required.

You should expect a single surface mounted parking post to be installed within 1 hour.

Under normal circumstance you can use your product(s) as soon as they are installed unless your team advise you otherwise.



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