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Our collection of videos to demonstrate the general applications, operation and installation of the various types of bollards, posts and barriers within our range.

We hope you find them useful.

Installing a high-security telescopic bollard. 

Installing automatic rising bollards on a private driveway

BFT PAS68, K4, and K12 crash rated automatic rising bollards

How to install and operate a high security telescopic bollard

Unlocking, raising, lowering, and locking a high security telescopic bollard

How to install and operate a fold down parking post

Installing, removing, and locking a removable bollard using a padlock

BFT Stoppy B Stainless Steel automatic bollard, 7 second rising and lowering time

Installing a fold down parking post on a private parking space

Anti ram raid demonstration with retractable security bollards

Using a telescopic bollard to protect a private parking space

Demonstration on the installation and use of a removable bollard

How to clean an maintain the 10-pin locks on your telescopic bollards

Dressing up after installing a telescopic bollard.

Do it once, do it right!