How to choose the right bollard or parking post.

Choosing the correct type of bollard, barrier or parking post for the purpose you need can be confusing.

Your budget will obviously play a role in helping you decide, although we would advise you to make sure that the product you do choose will give you the protection, security and peace of mind that ultimately you will be looking for.

The descriptions below of the various types available will hopefully explain some of your options.

If you are unsure as to what type of product you should have, please give us a call on 01375 - 842223 or send us an email and we will be happy to help.


If you need levels of security along with flexible access control at the point of installation, a high-security manual lift telescopic bollard would be the perfect solution.

Generally located on driveway entrances, vehicle forecourts, private car parks and shop fronts etc, retractable bollards are purpose built to provide flexible access control and effective security for your driveway and perimeter for the protection of your vehicles and property.

To restrict access, telescopic bollards are simply raised and locked into position when required and when you need to open up the area, they can be lowered in seconds by unlocking and sliding the bollard down into it's steel outer casing which needs to be installed within the ground inside a concrete foundation.

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Heavy Duty (Anti Ram Raid) telescopic security bollards are designed and built to protect your driveway, perimeter or business premises from an attempt to force access through the bollard with a vehicle or mechanics.

Engineered with a heavy gauge steel wall or an internal steel reinforcing, an anti-ram raid retractable bollard will provide the highest level of protection for any ram raid application. 

To secure and lock the bollards into position when raised all of the heavy duty telescopic bollards within our range have been manufactured with the ‘award winning’ 10 pin anti drill integral push button locking mechanism as standard.  

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Reinforced heavy duty retractable bollards are obviously much heavier to use than a standard domestic bollard, so if the physical lifting weight is a concern then we would recommend you consider a lift assisted telescopic bollard which are designed to reduce the lifting weight by up to 70%.

While being much easier to raise and lower, this type of bollards strength and performance is not compromised.

Built to the same high level specification as the heavy duty telescopic bollards, lift assist bollards are purely designed to aid the user and reduce the risk of injury for the operative.

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Automatic rising bollards will provide you with a high level of security and protection whilst offering you the luxury and convenience of being able to control the bollard from within your vehicle or property.

Modern day automatic bollards are manufactured as a self contained pre wired unit that need only be installed into the ground and wired back through a ducting to a control panel.

The control panel will operate up to 4 bollards on the same system and is responsible for accepting commands and controlling the opening and closing phases of the bollards cycles when in use.

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Non electrical semi automatic rising bollards are designed and manufactured to provide rapid access control without the need for any physical lifting or lowering of the bollard.

Although they are not intended or built for use as a high security bollard, a semi automatic bollard would be ideal for access control applications where speed and ease of use for the operative overrides the need for high security.

No electrical power supply is required, a semi automatic bollard is designed with a high pressure internal gas strut that will drive the bollard out of the ground once the valve has been released. 

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Removable bollards are the perfect alternative for when you need effective access control and security but are restricted as to how deep you can excavate beneath the ground.

When underground services or poor ground conditions dictate that deep installation is not an option, an alternative removable bollard should be considered as this will allow you to have the access control you need without any compromise on the strength and performance of the bollard.

They are designed to be easily and quickly removed from the socket and stored away from the site or stored in a socket installed adjacent to the parent bollard.

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While not as resilient as a telescopic bollard, a fold down parking post will provide you with many years of stress free parking at your home or business and can be quickly installed within a car park without the need for any deep ground excavation. 

Designed and built to secure a private parking space from unauthorised users, folding parking posts are not designed to provide impact resistance. They can be easily damaged when driven into by passing traffic or if driven over by the vehicles wheels when parking.

Be sure to allow for the ground clearance specified the post you choose.The ground clearance needed will depend on the vehicles you intend to allow access over the bollard so you will need to bear this in mind when choosing the correct type of post for your project.

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Static Bollards act as a permanent physical steel barrier to protect pedestrians and perimeters. They are designed to remain permanently in position but can also be supplied as a removable bollard if you would need any temporary access at the point of installation.

Fixed bollards are normally embedded into the ground to a depth of up to 400 mm although they can also be supplied with a bolt down fixing plate should your location not allow any form of ground excavation.

Manufactured in a wide variety of designs and specifications for locations that demand a strong aesthetic appearance along with a practical and robust performance.

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Barriers have proven to be very cost effective solution to control access to restricted areas such as private car parks, private roads and commercial premises.

Manual and automatic arm barriers, height restriction barriers and manual swing barriers are available in a wide choice of specifications and styles to suit any access control application.

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Fixed hoop barriers are generally used on perimeter security applications that require a cost effective solution to secure the boundary. With a wide overall ground span, a single hoop barrier can be used in place of 2 fixed bollards, thus saving money throughout the project.

Where access control is required at points on the perimeter, a telescopic bollard or matching removable hoop barrier could be sited where the access is required.

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