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Simply pour some boiling water onto the lock. This will not invalidate your guarantee or damage the lock in any way.

We recommend you lubricate and clean out the lock in your bollard at least once a month.


This would indicate that the lock in your bollard needs cleaning. The keys are designed to wear out long before the lock does, so if you still have a 'notchy' lock after cleaning the lock, try changing the key you are using as this often helps.

For security reasons, we are not permitted to instruct our customers on how to remove and replace the top lock in a high-security telescopic bollard.

Yes we do. Simply give us a call or send us an email and we'll be happy to help.

Yes you can. We keep a secure confidential record of the keys supplied with your order, so if you need to order extra keys at a later date just give us a call, as we will need to check you are who you say you are.

Yes they are. Every high-security telescopic bollard within our range is built with the 'Award Winning' 10 pin integral push button top lock developed by Cam-Lock. These locks are designed and engineered to be pick and drill proof

No they can't. The keys supplied with the high-security telescopic bollards are only available through us if and when you need them. We order replacement keys direct from Cam-Lock to match the code on the keys supplied with your original bollard.

Yes you can. We do not charge any extra if you wish to specify the keyed alike option with your order.

Some of our products are supplied with their own padlock, but in general, we do not sell padlocks separately as they are very difficult to guarantee, as they can be dropped or seize up if not lubricated on a regular basis. We suggest you obtain a suitable padlock from a reputable supplier once you receive your bollard.


'Supply & Install' is offered as a service option with each product. Simply select this option, complete your order and leave the rest to us. Your operative will be in touch within 48 hours

Generally, we do not carry out site survey’s to provide a quotation for either supply only or supply and installation, although if this something you specifically require, we can arrange this for a fee which would be refundable if an order was placed as a result of the site survey. Site surveys can be booked by calling 0333 444 8223.

If you need a quotation for something that is not listed on our website, we are more than happy to oblige, other wise the price you see on our website is the price you pay. Discounts for bulk orders are detailed with each product.

No, this type of damage is not covered under your guarantee. Parking posts are not built to withstand the weight of a car so you would damage your post and invalidate your guarantee. The post must be bridged by the wheels of your vehicle, so when positioned correctly it will give you many years of service.

Unfortunately not. We can not be held responsible for any damage to your product, no matter how it is caused. Our aftercare repairs service is on hand to help you should the worst ever happen.

We would recommend you don't. A parking post is designed to reserve your parking space and nothing else.

Yes we can, although it needs extra care when cutting the driveway and reinstating around the bollard, which is why our operatives carry coloured concrete dyes to ensure the reinstatement matches the colour of your resin driveway as close as possible.

To get the most out of your parking post and keep your parking space secure and safe for other users of the car park, we recommend a parking post is positioned in the centre of your parking space and at least 3 feet away from the front of your bay. This will ensure your post does not get damaged by other users of the car park and also gives you enough room to drive into your space without driving onto your post.

Most definitely. This is a cost-effective way of keeping your vehicles secure, especially on a large driveway with a wide entrance.


This would depend on the type of vehicles you have but as a general guide, the gap between each bollard should be 1.3 - 1.5 mtrs. This will ensure your driveway is secure.

For the maximum level of anti ram raid protection in front of a roller shutter, the gap between each bollard should be no more than 1.2 to 1.3 mtrs. This is the preferred gap your insurance company would stipulate to ensure you have the highest level of protection.

To give you a high level of access control across a roadway, we recommend you allow for a drive through gap between each bollard of 1.3 - 1.5 mtrs. One thing you should bear in mind is the emergency services. How would they get through the bollards in an emergency? To ensure the bollards meet the general standard, we suggest you have a retractable or removable bollard that can facilitate an FB padlock. Most of our high-security telescopic or removable bollards can be adapted for this purpose, so give us a call before you order so we can amend your order directly.


So long as it is being positioned onto your own private land, then you do not need any planning permission to install a bollard.

So long as it is being positioned onto your own private land and you own the parking space, then you do not need any planning permission to install a parking post.
However, if your property is rented, you may need permission from your landlord or property owner.


Yes they do. The power supply to the systems control panel should have it's own designated 5 - 15amp feed. All of the various systems will detail the power supply you need. We also recommend you add a power surge protection unit along the power supply.

No it is not. The control panel will need to be housed inside your house or garage, but if it needs to go outside on a wall of fence, you will need to mount it inside an IP rated weatherproof cabinet.

Yes they are. All of the automatic bollards within our range are supplied pre-wired with approx 6-9 lin mtrs of cable. This cable simply needs to be connected back to the control panel.

Yes they can. If you need to extend the cables, we supply all of the coloured cables in 50 or 100 metre rolls, which means you can easily add more cable without the hassle of putting labels on any of the wires.

Click here to view and order the cable. 

To avoid affecting your guarantee, we advise that any cable extensions are carried out above ground inside an IP rated weather proof connection box.

Yes they are. To make the installation as easy as possible, all of the cables are colour coded, so all you need to do is make sure the associated colours go to the correct terminals.

The control panel supplied with your bollard system has been designed to ensure the connection and set up from your bollards is a straight forward process. Our customers receive our own easy to follow instructions and if you ever need any help, one of our technical team is on hand to offer you assistance.

Yes we do, but it would obviously depend on where you are based. If you would like to have one of our technical team commission the system for you, simply give us a call to see what we can do.


Yes, we offer FREE UK mainland delivery on all orders over £75.00. 

Please Note: Delivery to the Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands, Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man & Northern Ireland will incur additional charges which will be detailed in the shopping cart before you checkout

Due to the weight of our products, deliveries to the Scottish Highlands, Scottish Islands, Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man & Northern Ireland will incur a weight based surcharge, which will be detailed during your checkout.

Next day delivery can be requested but it is not something we offer as a standard shipping option. Due to the nature of our products, many of them are hand built to order so we would need to check on the availability before you place an order. So if you need something in a hurry, give us a call and we will see what we can do.



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