We're not a company that makes a sale and then leaves you to it. Our customer support and aftercare is there to help you look after your investment and to offer some advice and guidance when you need it. 

Advice and videos on how to look after your investment before and after your product guarantee.

* Detailed diagnostics to help resolve some common, easy to fix problems. 

* Call one of our team on 01375 - 842233 if you ever need any help or advice.



If you are an existing customer and the worst should happen, like someone damaging or attempting to compromise your bollard, barrier or parking post, our reactive mobile repair service is on hand to try and help solve the issue for you.

* Dedicated team member to deal with all your repair requests.

* Discounted replacement parts and call out rates.

* Call 01375 - 842223 to request a site visit or repair.


Existing customers can also benefit from our discounted servicing rates. On the anniversary of the expiry of your product guarantee, customers can pre-book an annual service call at preferential rates. If you ever need extra keys or anything else, you can call one of our team who will be happy to help.

* Discounted parts and labour rates.

* Call 01375 - 842223 to request a service call or order extra keys.