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BFT - Stoppy B 500/SS

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With a 304-grade brushed stainless steel finish, a bollard diameter of 115mm, and a fully extended height of 500mm, this is the more stylish version of the BFT Stoppy B 500 automatic rising bollard.

Designed for any contemporary setting and engineered by BFT Europe to the highest industry standard, this automatic bollard will provide you with a long-term cost-effective solution for remote-controlled security and access control on any residential driveway to secure and protect your vehicles and property from an attempted theft.

Bollard Specification

  • 115mm diameter. 
  • 500mm raised height. 
  • 5mm gauge stainless steel wall.
  • 304-grade brushed stainless steel finish.
  • No LED light crown.
  • Electro-mechanical oil-sealed motor.
  • Price includes your bollard(s), 1 control panel & 2 remote controls.


  • 1-year manufacturer's guarantee (supply only)
  • 2-year manufacturer's guarantee (supply & installation)
  • 30-day returns or exchange.


      • Designed for all residential access control applications.
      • Suitable for occasional use (up to 500 movements per day).
      • Control up to 4 bollards on the same control panel.
      • 7-second rising time & 7-second lowering time.
      • 25mtr remote control operating range (direct line of sight). 
      • IP 67 protection rating.
      • -20 C to +60 C operating temperature.
      • Integrated heating element.
      • 230Vac 50Hz power supply.
      • 300W motor supply.
      • 7,000 joules impact resistance.
      • 70,000 joules break-in proof.
      • Compatible with the U-Link communication protocol.



      • Made in Italy (BFT - Europe).
      • Mild steel manufactured to BS1440.
      • Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 (2009).
      • 304-grade stainless steel finish
      • 60kg overall product weight.
      • Supplied as a complete ready to install system.
      • 230V - 5amp RCD protected power supply required for the control panel.
      • 9-10 lin mtrs of color-coded cables pre-wired to each bollard.
      • Cables must be routed back to where you mount the control panel.
      • Simply connect the cables to the control panel and configure the system.
      • 965mm deep x 190mm square x 5mm gauge foundation box.
      • 1215mm excavation depth required (includes 250mm for drainage).
      • Technical help and support available to all our customers.
      • Our own easy to follow configuration guide is available upon request.

      Q:- Will the bollard automatically drop during a power cut?

      A:- Yes, this bollard is designed to automatically drop in the event of a power cut.

      Q:- Is there a way to stop the bollard dropping during a power cut?

      A:- Yes, you can install the 'Battery Back-Up' accessory to keep the bollard(s) raised.

      Q:- Can this bollard be lowered with a manual release key?

      A:- No, this electro-mechanical bollard does not have a manual release key.

      Q:- Does the bollard have a built-in sensor to stop it rising by accident?

      A:- No, you would need to install the 'Safety Proximity Loop Kit' accessory.

      Q:- How many remote controls can I have?

      A:- You can order as many 'Remote Controls' as you like.

      Q:- How many bollards can I connect to the control panel?

      A:- You can connect up to 4 bollards on the Perseo control panel supplied.

      Q:- Does the bollard have the LED lights around the crown?

      A:- No, this particular bollard does not have the built-in LED light crown.

      Q:- What power supply do I need to power the control panel?

      A:- You will need a 230V - 5amp RCD protected power supply for the control panel