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BFT - X-Pass 1200/SS (K12)

Crash tested automatic rising bollard certified to meet the highest K12 - ASTM/PAS 68 main international safety standard for automated access control and protection on sensitive private and public locations. 

Engineered in Italy to the highest industry standard, in a stylish stainless steel finish, the X-Pass 1200 (K12) automatic bollard would be the perfect solution to secure any prestigious private driveway or sensitive public location that requires rapid and highly effective automated access control to withstand an attempted ram raid or terrorist attack from a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 80 kph.

Bollard Specification

  • 330mm diameter. 
  • 1200mm raised height. 
  • 10mm gauge steel wall.
  • 316-grade stainless steel finish.
  • Integral 12 x LED light crown (can be disabled).
  • Integral acoustic warning signal (can be disabled).
  • Hydraulic oil-sealed motor.
  • Price includes your bollard(s), 1 control panel & 2 remote controls.


  • 1-year manufacturer's guarantee (supply only)
  • 2-year manufacturer's guarantee (supply & installation)
  • 30-day returns or exchange.


  • Designed for all residential and commercial access control applications.
  • Suitable for intensive use (up to 2000 movements per day).
  • Control up to 2 bollards on the same control panel.
  • Complies with main international safety standards. 
  • Breakout resistance - 7,200kg in weight travelling at 80 kph.
  • K12 - IWA14-1:2013 V/7200[N3C]/80/90 industry standard.
  • Operates up to a maximum of 2,000 movements per day.
  • 5-second rising time & 4-second lowering time.
  • Standard Version (drops on power cut) or Security Version (stays raised).
  • 25mtr remote control operating range (direct line of sight). 
  • AC Hydraulic motor.
  • Power supply: 230Vac 50Hz.
  • Motor supply: 1550W.
  • IP 67 protection rating.
  • -40 C to + 60 C operating temperature.
  • Integrated heating element.
  • 100,000 joules impact resistance.
  • 2100000 joules break-in proof.



      • Made in Italy (BFT - Europe).
      • Mild steel manufactured to BS1440.
      • Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 (2009).
      • Powder-coated Anthracite Grey RAL 7015. 
      • 650kg overall product weight.
      • Requires specialist installation to meet the crash rating standard.
      • Supplied as a complete ready-to-install system.
      • Control up to 2 bollards on the same control panel.
      • 230V - 15amp RCD protected power supply required for the control panel.
      • 9-10 lin Mtrs of color-coded cables pre-wired to each bollard.
      • Cables must be routed back to where you mount the control panel.
      • Simply connect the cables to the control panel and configure the system.
      • 1980mm deep x 625mm square x 10mm gauge foundation box.
      • 2230mm excavation depth required (includes 250mm for drainage).
      • Technical help and support is available to all our customers.
      • Our own easy-to-follow configuration guide is available upon request.

      Q:- Does the bollard automatically drop if there is a power cut?

      A:- This bollard is only available in the fail-secure version (keeps bollard raised)  although it is possible to manually lower the bollard if required.

      Q:- Does the bollard have a built-in sensor to stop it from rising by accident?

      A:- This bollard has an adjustable obstacle sensor, although we recommend you install the 'Safety Proximity Loop Kit' accessory as an added precaution for passing traffic.

      Q:- How many remote controls can I have?

      A:- You can order as many 'Remote Controls' as you like.

      Q:- How many bollards can I connect to the control panel?

      A:- You can connect and control up to 2 bollards on the same system.

      Q:- Does the bollard have LED lights around the crown?

      A:- Yes, this bollard has 12 x LED lights built into the crown.

      Q:- What power supply do I need for the control panel?

      A:- You need a 15amp RCD protected power supply for the control panel.